How it works?

By joining the PlumpyField® network, members benefit from Nutriset’s technology, experience and reputation as a world leader in ready-to-use nutritional solutions for the treatment and prevention of malnutrition.

Drawing inspiration from the franchise model, PlumpyField® is a guarantee of quality, fostering the establishment of sustainable production systems in developing countries. As the instigator of the network, Nutriset works closely with its partners, offering them a range of advantages:

  • mastery of industrial processes, with specific technical ingredients (STIs) essential for the nutritional value and stability of products;
  • food industry engineering experience, through the installation of high-performance, guaranteed and optimised equipment;
  • initial and ongoing training for their teams;
  • the use of Plumpy® and Enov® ranges patents and brands;
  • a quality system based on the HACCP method (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points), with regular audits to monitor and improve the quality system;
  • guaranteed traceability, from raw materials to finished products, with a specific methodology and access to a dedicated software developed for Nutriset: Origyn;
  • access to research results and the possibility of developing new formulations;
  • contact with the world’s major buyers, and innovation in terms of distribution strategies;
  • know-how in the field of procurements, purchased locally or on international markets depending on the availability of high-quality raw materials.

Communication between the various partners also makes it possible to pool knowledge and give feedback on requirements in order to constantly improve the level of support provided by the PlumpyField® network.

We think globally and act locally. The lives of million children depend on it.