Edesia was established in 2009 as a nonprofit dedicated to treat and prevent malnutrition through ready-to-use foods (RUF). Edesia’s mandates are to: 
- Produce high-quality RUFs,
- Collaborate on research and development to improve distribution systems and optimize the use of RUFs,
- Support local producers of RUFs in the developing world,
- Engage in educational efforts and direct advocacy to raise the profile of global malnutrition.

As a nonprofit in the USA, Edesia collaborates with U.S.- based nutrition research institutions and nonprofits, and advocates within the U.S. government to promote targeted nutritionally focused food products in international food aid. Located in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, the new plant was inaugurated in 2016. 

PlumpyField® products available

Plumpy'Nut® , Plumpy'Sup™ , Plumpy'Doz™ , Plumpy'Mum™ , Enov'Mum™ & Enov'Nutributter®

Quality references

Nutriset Quality Assurance HACCP method
Relevant international code of practice (CODEX CAC / RCP)
Certifications 2018 British Retail Consortium
Referencement & Audit 2018 USAID - MSF




Message from the director Navyn Salem

“With the highest malnutrition levels in four decades, Edesia comes at the right time. Our energetic and dedicated team is working hard to meet the challenges ahead: improvement to U.S. government food aid quality, developing partnerships with NGOs, and further engagement in research opportunities will help us to ensure we truly make our mark on reducing malnutrition around the world.”



Photo of Navyn Salemn






Photo of the Edesia team