The Factory is located at Pune, about 160 km from Mumbai. Its location facilitates transportation to Mumbai port, across India and in Asia subregion. The factory is well-equipped with the state of the art machinery set up, assuring manufacturing of quality products packed in hygienic conditions. Thanks to India agricultural production, most of the raw materials used in manufacturing of our products are sourced locally. This local sourcing is an additional output for the local economy.

PlumpyField® products available

Plumpy’Nut® , Plumpy’Sup™ & Plumpy’Doz™

Quality references

Nutriset Quality Assurance HACCP method
Relevant international code of practice (CODEX CAC / RCP)
Certification 2019 FSCC 22000
ISO 17025
Referencement & Audit 2019 UNICEF - WFP




Message from the Executive Director Mr. Prashant Naik

“The World Health Organization has reported hunger and related malnutrition as the greatest single threat to the world’s public health. Improving nutrition is widely regarded as the most effective form of aid. Nutrition-specific interventions, which address the immediate causes of undernutrition, have been proven to deliver among the best value for money of all development interventions. Worldwide malnutrition is found to be the most important cause of illness and death affecting large populations of children and pregnant women. And it raises the risk of infections with diarrhea, malaria, measles and respiratory tract infections in children. India too is not an exception & we at Nutrivita wish to provide healthy vital nutritional supplements to help malnourished children to come back on the healthy track & prevent recurrence. We manufacture RUTF & RUSF under the most stringent conditions with a strict quality control on inputs as well as finished packs as per the parameters set by our partner Nutriset.”



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Photo of the Nutrivia team